World of Coke Submission

Downtown Atlanta

To my family, friends, followers and MySpace users,
I have been selected by the @worldofcocacola to have one of these next three (maybe four) photos on display in, you guessed it, the @worldofcocacola
I am so grateful for this opportunity and would like to thank the most high first and foremost, my wife Maria, for believing in my work and to my family for always encouraging me. I will be having a giveaway in the future or free tickets to the facility to view my work along with all of Coca Cola's attractions. Now please forgive me for filling up your feed, but would you be so kind and hit like?! Thank you! 


Language, culture and race have always been subjects that have made up about 95% of my conversation since I was about 8 years old. Understanding the importance of diversity, the willingness and longing for friendships outside of your own circles and the urge to speak another language or maybe try other foods that you have no knowledge of are all things that play a major role in my art but more importantly in my life. #shareacokewithatl reminds me also of the south side, where I'm from. A chance to show that artists come from everywhere in Atlanta. 
I took this photo in hopes to further the image and desires that I have for this city. Hopefully you can see them.

You can view my first image at the World of Coca Cola on display now throughout the remainder of the year! You can view coverage form 11Alive here about the release that night.